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Ethanol Fireplace

If you don’t have a chimney, your options up until now were either go with an electric fireplace or install a gas line, which involves putting holes in your wall and potentially unsightly pipe work climbing up your house.

Well, now fireplaces are going mobile, freestanding in the middle of a room or popping out of a coffee table, as they use small tanks of ethanol or other biofuels.

“They are really cool because the fuel is often made from beet, sugar cane, berries, etc.,” Maynard said. “There’s a small reservoir tank that, depending on the size, will offer about eight hours of burn time. The other cool thing about them is that there are no harmful emissions.”

The Bertram Ethanol Fireplace, pictured, left, is stainless steel, with a reservoir that holds 4-5 hours of fuel, and retails for just over $1,000. And, the double-bonus: You can view it from two sides!

Photo: Vital Wares