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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Money

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Why Ben Franklin is on the $100 bill

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson – most of our paper currency features U.S. presidents. There are only two exceptions: Alexander Hamilton is on the $10 bill and Benjamin Franklin is on the $100.

You can understand the choice of Hamilton, he was the first Secretary of the Treasury. But why was Franklin, a newspaper editor and inventor of the lightning rod, chosen for the $100 bill?

Several reasons, actually. First, he is one of America’s Founding Fathers and his signature is on the Declaration of Independence. One of his core values was that hard work was the way to true wealth, a notion that would become the foundation of the American Dream. To top it all off, he used his printing skills to help print the first US currency.

Photo: Jed Share | Workbook Stock | Getty Images