Two Reasons To Love The Singapore Dollar

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011 | 1:08 PM ET
Singapore Currency Notes
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Singapore Currency Notes

Here's a nice analysis of the outlook for the Singapore dollar from Ed Ponsi, president of FXEducator.com.

With the monetary authority willing to control inflation by changing the exchange rate rather than raising interest rates, the inflation picture in Asia is good news for all you Singapore dollar buyers out there, and all the investors jumping in will help too.

"We know inflation is here. There are a lot of concerns about that," Ponsi says. "To me, that says we're going to have a stronger Singapore dollar going forward." Take a look, starting around 3:15.

Singapore Dollar Will Peform Well in 2011
As inflationary pressures build across Asia, Ed Ponsi, president at FXEducator.com, says the Monetary Authority of Singapore will appreciate its currency further. He speaks to Christian Nolting of Deutsche Bank and CNBC's Martin Soong & Karen Tso.


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