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Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Built: 1923 as the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel
Location: Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles, Calif.

You might know it from: The Biltmore is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument, and as you'd expect from the location, its grand Renaissance Revival/ Mediterranean Revival/ Beaux Arts looks have appeared in many Hollywood features, such as Chinatown, Bachelor Party, Ghostbusters, Blow, Bugsy, Prom Night, Wedding Crashers, Rumor Has It, The Bodyguard, Pretty in Pink, and Dreamgirls. The pool was used in Cruel Intentions. TV credits include Charlie's Angels and Beverly Hills, 90210.

It's also the site of eight of the early Academy Awards ceremonies. JFK gave his acceptance speech here when nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, and the Beatles stayed here in their heyday and reportedly had to escape fans via helicopter.

Photo: (Left) Millenniumbiltmore.com (Right) Dreamworks