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AIG CEO Benmosche Talks About Effect of Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a great leveler. It's just as likely to reach into the C-suite as it is the warehouse.

Different executives handle it differently. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has tried not to talk about his illness, even as the paparazzi chased him into the clinic where he was receiving treatments.

Characteristic of the outspoken president and CEO of insurance giant AIG , Robert Benmosche is more forthright about it.

When I met with him to talk about the company's fourth quarter earnings Thursday, he looked vigorous and sharp. If I hadn't known from the media reports, I never would have guessed the man in front of me was undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

The only thing that was a little off was his nascent beard. CEOs don't usually agree to go on-camera looking a bit scruffy.

Turns out Benmosche had a good reason for the beard. He talked to me about his health. Click on the video to hear what he had to say.


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