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Colleges with the Biggest Endowment Per Student

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The Richest Colleges, Per Student

Though much is made of the sometimes staggering sums involved in college endowments, the size of the student body is also important because it gives you a better idea of the endowment's potential. And given the growing need for student financial aid, we thought it would be interesting to take a per-capita approach.

To get an idea, CNBC.com sifted through new data from the National Association of College and University Business Officers(NACUBO) and compared total endowment holdings to the total size of the student body, both undergraduate and graduate.

Although most schools at the top of this list are the similar to those with the largest overall endowments, a number of smaller and academically distinguished ones also made the grade.

So, which colleges and universities have the biggest endowments compared to enrolled students? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 28 Feb 2011

Photo: Image Source | Getty Images