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Top 10 Green Cars 2011

Photo: Sozaijiten | Datacraft | Getty Images || Source: KBB.com

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The Best Green Cars 2011

With gasoline prices on the sky-high again, many drivers are turning to green cars with high mileage to solve their commuting woes.

Unlike when oil reached its all-time highs during the recession of 2008, today’s green - car market has more options with better fuel efficiency. The editors of Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com,the website of the country’s largest automotive valuation company, highlight the wide range of options available and the trend both towards hybrid, electric and “high-efficiency gasoline powered-vehicles.” Since these vehicles cost less than hybrids and electrics, KBB.com expects them to sell well with the price of gas now around $4 a gallon.

To help consumers understand the best options in the current market for green cars, KBB.com recently unveiled its 2011 “Green Car List”, which ranks cars by their MPG or MPG-equivalent, along with other characteristics that make the cars good to own.

So, what are the top green cars this year? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 15 April 2011

Photo: Sozaijiten | Datacraft | Getty Images || Source: KBB.com