Doug Kass to Larry Kudlow: Kudos to You

Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011 | 1:33 PM ET

From Doug Kass today:

"For his objectivity (and for many other factors), I continue to admire and remain a devout fan of Sir Larry.

Apropos to my opening missive today, I wanted to clarify that while Sir Larry Kudlow coined the great phrase, "the greatest story never told," he did get off the bullish economic bandwagon, and, by February 2008, he was calling for a mild recession.

Also, I believe, to his credit, Larry remains less of an economic bull today than many of his celebrated uber bullish guests!

And for that objectivity (and for many other factors) I continue to admire and remain a devout fan of Sir Larry not only as an observer of the world economy and politics but also as a man of remarkable character!"

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  • Lawrence Kudlow is a CNBC senior contributor. Previously, Kudlow was anchor of CNBC's prime-time program "The Kudlow Report"