Take Profits in Equities, Invest in Commodities: Pro

Get out of equities and into commodities, advised J.J. Burns, president of J.J. Burns & Company.

Markets: Get In or Get Out?
Markets: Get In or Get Out?   

“We’ve been reducing our positions in large and small caps [in the last couple of months],” Burns told CNBC.

In the place of stocks, Burns said he’s been investing in precious metals, industrialized metals and agricultural-type commodities.

“We have to be concerned with the rising expectations and rising risk of inflation, and it’s happening in raw materials, which we see happening everyday now.”

Burns Likes:



WTI Crude Oil (Jun ’11)


(Meanwhile, Michael Sansoterra of Silvant Capital Management says investors should stick with stocks.)


Scorecard—What They Said:

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