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Jeff Skilling, Enron

Jeff Skilling is the former president of Enron, a Houston energy corporation that made headlines in 2001 with its financial collapse. Both Skilling and Chairman Kenneth Lay had taken part in an accounting scandal that culminated in the largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy up to that time.

In April 2001, Skilling participated in a conference call with stock analysts and members of the press. One of the parties on the call was Richard Grubman, managing director of Highfields Capital Management. He had asked to see Enron’s balance sheet and was told that it wouldn’t be available until an unspecified “later.” Grubman responded: "You're the only financial institution that can't come up with balance sheet or cash flow statement after earnings." Skilling responded with a diplomatic, "Well, thank you very much, we appreciate that. A--hole."

Photo: Getty Images