Euro Lifts, Kiwis Fly

Thursday, 26 May 2011 | 9:31 AM ET

Asian investor appetite is boosting the euro and sending kiwis skyward. Time for your FX Fix.

The euro was lifted by reports of Asian interest in Euro bailout bonds. [marketwatch.com]

The British pound rose against the dollar on word of slightly higher inflation. [Reuters]

The dollar weakened overnight as investors awaited the GDP revision. [dailyfx.com]

Even so, dollar bears are getting nervous about the impact of the end of QE2. [FT]

A report that the China Investment Corp. might be in the market for New Zealand dollars sent the kiwi soaring. [nbr.co.nz]

Fun while it lasted: the Hong Kong dollar is weaker now that the Hong Kong piece of the Glencore IPO is over. [WSJ]


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