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Long After X-Rated Photos, 'Weinergate' Will Live on in T-Shirts

Even since that fateful day when Rep. Anthony Weiner accidently tweeted a very um...personal...photo to all of his Twitter followers, the jokes have been practically writing themselves.

WeinerGate Boxer Briefs
Source: CafePress
WeinerGate Boxer Briefs

That's not lost on fans of CafePress, a Web site that allows customers to design their own shirts and other items. More than 3,500 Weiner-themed products have already popped up on the site, the company said.

Customers are being creative not only with their slogans, but also with the medium, as demonstrated by the "Weinergate" boxer briefs that are selling for $18 on the site.

Weiner better brace himself. Long after new X-rated photosstop circulating, political sex scandals live on, according to CafePress.

Take Bill Clinton's scandal with Monica Lewinsky. It happened years before CafePress was founded, yet about 66 percent of all political sex scandal T-shirts sold on the site involve Clinton.

Clinton Interns are Cool Shirt
Source: CafePress
Clinton Interns are Cool Shirt

Here's how other political sex scandals stack up:

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