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1. Switzerland

Most Expensive: Le Rosey
Annual Tuition: $113,000
Students in Private School: NA

Switzerland is home to 10 of the world’s most expensive private schools - all set in and around the Swiss Alps. About 100,000 students attend private school in Switzerland, according to the Swiss Federation of Private Schools and the top three boarding schools cost over $100,000 a year.

Le Rosey, also referred to the "School of Kings," is one of the most prestigious private schools in the world. Founded in 1880, its Switzerland’s oldest and largest boarding school with 28 hectares of land. Generally, only one in three candidates are accepted to the school that operates on a national quota system, where no more than 10 percent of students can be from one country or group of countries with the same dominant language.

Facilities at the school include 10 tennis courts, an open-air theatre, circus tent, shooting and archery ranges to name a few.

Some of Le Rosey’s famous students include the Aga Khan, King Albert II of Belgium, Prince Rainier of Monaco, as well as other European, and Middle Eastern royal family members. Children of movie stars, rock stars, and American business tycoons have also been Le Rosey alumni.

Photo: Le Rosey