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Steve Jobs: His Life in Pictures

Photo: LisaBrennanJobs.net

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1978: You and Me and Baby...

Like his biological parents, Jobs also had a child out of wedlock. In 1978, Jobs' love interest, painter Chrisann Brennan, gave birth to a baby girl. Jobs denied paternity based on claims that he was sterile, so Brennan raised their daugher on her own, even using the welfare system to get by.

Jobs later acknowledged Lisa Brennan-Jobs (pictured left) as his daughter. Lisa was the namesake of one of Jobs' "worst" creations, the Lisa, a $10,000 "ugly piece of machinery."

Brennan-Jobs graduated from Harvard in 2000 and is a writer. Her essays are available at www.lisabrennanjobs.net.

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Photo: LisaBrennanJobs.net