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Sex on the Moon

The Amazing Story Behind The Most Audacious Heist In History
By Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich's last book The Accidental Billionaires was about Facebook's founders and all the epic fights they had. The book went on to become the foundation for the Oscar-nominated film The Social Network.

In Sex on the Moon, Mezrich has found yet another true story that will have everyone talking.

It’s a love story about a boy who wants to give his girl the moon…Only the boy is a really really bright boy – a rocket scientist who, well, doesn’t act like a rocket scientist.

In the book, NASA intern Thad Roberts concocts a meticulously researched (but disastrous) plan to break into NASA lab headquarters and steal some precious moon rocks for his lover.

As with Accidental Billionaires, you’ll be shocked and amused by yet another group of brainiacs who lack a good dose of common sense.

Mezrich's story of this astro-geeky cupid and his quest to prove his love is surely going to be one of the summer’s most fun reads.

Photo: Amazon.com