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Top Ad Campaigns of the 20th Century

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2. Coca-Cola's "The pause that refreshes"

Year: 1929
Agency: D'Arcy Co.

"I've always admired brands that preserve their core campaign for decades," wrote independent ad counsel Chris Macrae in an article on AllAboutBranding.com. "Coca-Cola provided a stunning example with 'Pause that Refreshes' (USA 1930s to 1950s) uplifting a nation at time of depression, championing a product which literally fuelled—emotionally and physically—what was then a developing nation, lobbying the US war office on the extreme fatigue of war and thereby becoming the GI's mascot during World War 2 and making Coke available at 5c per bottle wherever GIs went."

Video: A "Refreshing" ad from the 1950s Source: AdAge.com, AllAboutBranding.com