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Top Ad Campaigns of the 20th Century

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12. Apple Computer's "1984"

Year: 1984

Agency: Chiat/Day

"This commercial, designed by the advertising agency Chiat/Day to introduce Apple's Macintosh computer and directed by Ridley Scott—fresh off his science fiction classic Blade Runner—has never run again [on TV] since that Super Bowl spot. But few commercials have ever been more influential. Advertising Age named it the 1980s' Commercial of the Decade. You can still see its echoes today in futuristic ads for technology and telecommunications multinationals such as AT&T, MCI, and Intel." — Apple's 1984: The Introduction of the Macintosh in the Cultural History of Personal Computers, a paper presented at the Society for the History of Technology Convention, Pasadena, California, October 1997

Video: Watch the 1984 Ad
Source: AdAge.com