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Top Ad Campaigns of the 20th Century

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6. DeBeers' "A diamond is forever"

Year: 1948
Agency: N.W. Ayer & Son

An advertising campaign can last forever as well, it seems. Or at least 63 years and going strong.

As the De Beers website explains, "In 1947 a young copywriter called Frances Gerety was working with De Beers and was given a brief to compose a line that encompassed and expressed the physical attributes and legends surrounding the diamond. The understanding is that she worked late into the night on the challenging brief and, about to admit defeat, she then scribbled the sentence which would later be voted as the most iconic advertising slogan of the twentieth century—A Diamond Is Forever. Books and films of cult status have been named after this tagline, and a song featuring the phrase has been recorded numerous times by some of the world’s most popular artists."

Video: A 2001 De Beers ad

Source: AdAge.com, DeBeers.com