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10 Country Songs About Jack Daniel's

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10 Country Songs About Jack Daniel's

Country music songs tend to explore a fixed list of topics such as heartbreak, incarceration and infidelity. However, just as often the mainstream country song turns to another topic, one that has held mankind in its sway since time immemorial — drinking alcohol. Despite the grim subject matter, the country drinking song remains an American institution, as integral to the fabric of this nation as apple pie and as redolent with cultural significance as a thick wad of chawin’ terbacky.

Country drinking songs feature different kinds of alcohol, but as yet there hasn’t been one in which Charlie Daniels opens a 1955 Bordeaux, sniffs the cork and enjoys it with the Arts & Leisure section of TheNew York Times. No, the country drinking song is normally about beer, moonshine and, most commonly, Jack Daniel’s Old Time No. 7 Brand Whiskey, the sour mash that’s one of the best-selling liquors on earth.

Artists in other musical genres have sung about it, including George Thorogood, who included a mention in his 1985 single “I Drink Alone.” However, the overwhelming majority of songs about Jack Daniel’s fall firmly into the country and western camp, and many of them recommend drinking it straight from the bottle with no chaser.

What are some of the classic country songs about Jack Daniel’s whiskey? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 26 July 2011

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