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Top Ad Icons of the 20th Century

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10. Elsie the Cow

Date Introduced: 1939 (first general magazine ad)
Creator: Stuart Peabody, Borden's director of advertising

Created in the 1930s to change the poor image many had about dairy processors, and then being represented by a live cow, Borden Dairy Company’s behemoth bovine married Elmer the Bull (of Elmer’s Glue) and had baby calves Beulah and Beauregard. Named one of the top 10 ad icons of the century in 2000, Elsie has also been named Queen of Dairyland in Wisconsin and honorary chief of the Seneca Indian Tribe. She has earned such honorary university degrees as Doctor of Bovinity, Doctor of Human Kindness and Doctor of Ecownomics.

Photo Background: Pictorial Parade | Getty Images