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Double-Duty: Strange but Functional Gadgets

Photo: Preston Noon

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Tan and Jam

Product: Solar Bikini

$1,000 and Up

How it works: This multi-purpose bathing suit will not only shimmer in the sun as you strut up and down the beach, it will also ensure that your iPod never runs out of power.

According to the creator of the Solar Bikini, Andrew Schneider, the suit is powered by, “forty small photo-voltaic cells stitched together in a very specific pattern to generate enough current to mimic the output of a USB drive on a laptop and thus able to power your iPod and similar devices.”

The suits aren't mass-marketed — yet. Schneider said each suit is custom-made and can cost anywhere from $1,000 and up. Schneider also said he is working on his next wearable device called the iDrink, a male version of the solar bikini which uses solar power to cool your beer on the beach.

Photo: Preston Noon