Cramer: Leaders Need to Get Off the Beach and Back to Work

Thursday, 11 Aug 2011 | 10:51 AM ET

U.S. and world leaders should cancel their vacations and get back to work to help turn the market around, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday.


"How about the French ministers getting back from the Riviera. I mean these leaders are on vacation for heaven's sake," Cramer said. "I'm canceling vacation left and right. But these leaders are at the beach."

"How about the President [Obama] coming back from wherever he is and convening Congress. There are things that can be done," he explained.

Cramer used the analogy of the National Football League to make his point. "It is August, the third and fourth stringers are in charge right now...I have to use this analogy because it seems like [football is] much more professional than leadership right now in politics."

Cramer Sounds Off: Get Off the Beach!
Mad Money host Jim Cramer sounds off on Wall Street's financial crisis, complaining while he has to cancel his vacation plans, political leaders are sitting on the beach.

"You don't bring your c-game, this is not the pre-season...this is the actual NFL," he went on to say. "Let's put the starters in and let's figure out what can be done."

Lastly, referring to Thursday's New York Times article on Financial Turmoil Evokes Comparison to 2008 Crisis, Cramer said, "If everyone says this could be 2008, we don't get 2008."


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