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Homes of TV Talk-Show Hosts

Television talk-show hosts do more than read monologues and toss softball questions at celebrities. The top players in this field also collect enormous paychecks. The website Celebritynetworth.com puts the net worth of Conan O’Brien at $75 million, and both Ellen DeGeneres and Glenn Beck earn $85 million each, for example. The net worth of Jay Leno and Larry King are both pegged at $150 million each, according to the same source.

Clearly, these celebrated TV personalities can afford a fabulous home ... or two or three. The following homes, with information and photos supplied by Trulia.com, have price tags ranging from a relatively modest $2.2 million up to $60 million, spanning styles from a Vermont farmhouse and horse property to a glamorous Malibu beach home. Click ahead to see the range of residences belonging to famous talk-show hosts.

Colleen Kane
Posted 16 September 2011