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1. “Rocky” (United Artists, 1976)

Domestic Gross: $117 million
Adjusted for Inflation (2011): $467 million

The entire “Rocky” franchise has taken in $567 million (not adjusting for inflation) at the U.S. box office since the original film appeared in 1976. Some of the installments made more money than others, and some got better reviews. Few people dispute, however, that the original film is a poignant work of art. It remains the most critically praised installment in the franchise, and is the highest grossing, with a domestic take of $467 million, adjusted for inflation.

At the time of its release, film reviewer Roger Ebert gave the movie four out of four stars, claiming that lead actor Sylvester Stallone reminded him of a young Marlon Brando. “Rocky” remains a classic film that deserves its status as the highest grossing sports movie of all time.

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