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You Get Paid To Do That?: Best Jobs Ever

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Car Aficionado

Mike Prichinello and Zac Moseley
Owners, Classic Car Club Manhattan

This duo's idea of a dream come true? Searching all over the world to find the coolest and most powerful cars around. More than 300 members pay a $15,000 annual membership fee to drive the amazing collection of cars either on their own or as part of events, such as skeet shooting, road rallies, and visits to sports parks.

“We drive all the greatest cars. We get to buy what we like. We get to live our dream,” said Prichinello about his dream job.

Prichinello and Moseley are currently planning to open clubs in Miami and Los Angeles. It’s not all glamour and speed, though. The duo must also take care of the everyday necessities, such as paying insurance policies costing $20,000 a year, dealing with accidents, overhead, and the dreaded state motor vehicles department.

At left, Prichinello and Moseley driving some of their cool car finds.