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CNBC Fed Survey: You vs. the Pros

Every month, CNBC sends invitations to almost 200 of the world’s most influential money managers, analysts, and economists.

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We ask them to participate in our CNBC Fed Survey, to get a snapshot of where the professionals think the economy and markets are heading, and to compile their opinions on what the Federal Reserve will do.

This month we’re again inviting you to join in.

Here’s a link to our October CNBC Fed Survey.

It should take you around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Please don’t put it off. The survey closes Monday morning, October 31 at 9am ET.

Tuesday morning, starting at 7:30 AM ET, on TV and CNBC.com, our Senior Economics Correspondent Steve Liesman will reveal what the pros are predicting.

And here on CNBC.com, we’ll compare the experts’ forecasts to your predictions and see how Wall Street stacks up to Main Street.

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