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Bulls Rush Into Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold bounced from its lowest price since late 2008, and traders are stepping in to buy upside calls.

OptionMonster's real-time tracking systems detected a surge of activity in the January 12.50 calls, which traded more than 49,000 times in a strong buying pattern against previous open interest of just 8,652 contracts. They initially went for 99 cents but climbed to $1.36 by the end of the day as the mining stock pushed higher.

Kinross ended the session up 5.73 percent to $13.10, but it has lost more than one-quarter of its value in the last three months. Based on yesterday's call buying, investors are looking for a rebound by early in the year.

By using in-the-money contracts, their positions will more closely track movement in the underlying stock. The strategy is more costly than using out-of-the money calls, but increases the chance of making some profit from even a small bounce.

Overall option volume in the name was 14 times greater than average in the session, with calls outnumbering puts by 7-to-1 in a further reflection of the day's bullish sentiment. Those puts that did trade were mostly sold, which also reflects a belief that the shares are expected to hold their ground or rebound.

— Russell has no position in KGC.

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