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9. (Tied) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has made Mercer’s list of top 15 cities for the past five years. The city’s staying power highlights Europe’s dominance in the quality of life survey. In fact, as many as eight of the top 10 cities in the world are in Europe. These cities continue to have high living standards because of their advanced infrastructure, and high-class medical, recreational, and leisure facilities.

Copenhagen was also the second highest ranked European city among the world’s most eco-friendly places in 2010. Known as the city of cyclists, it has a total 218 miles of cycle tracks, with about 36 percent of its population commuting by bicycle every day.

Health and well-being have become a big part of Danish lives, with more than 15 percent of its population over the age of 65. Increased health awareness has translated into Denmark becoming one of the leading consumers and producers of organic food in Europe. About 75 percent of food consumed in Copenhagen is organic, with organic food bought in every one of 10 purchases.

Photo: Scott E Barbour | Getty Images