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Best Calls of 2011 from Fast Money Traders

If you watch Fast Money regularly you may be familiar with a feature we call Quicker than the Ticker, in which we highlight picks that paid.

On Fast, we always hold our traders feet to the fire, when they're wrong. And in that same spirit we also like to give credit where credit is due.

Following you’ll find the Fast Money plays that paid.

Dan Dicker

All year commodities investor Dan Dicker found energy in Master Limited Partnerships as a buyer of secondary offerings; among his winners Enbridge, TransMontaigne , Kinder Morgan and more.

What does he have to say now?

“I think MLP's will continue to work," says Dicker. "I haven't sold a single name.”


Jon Najarian

Najarian has made a career out of watching for unusual options action and a few weeks before a takeover bid, Najarian spotted a great deal of out of the money call buying in El Paso.

“Upside is sometimes telegraphed by options buying.” And this is one of those cases. Although the trade is done, Najarian often comes onto Fast Money and reveals where he's spotted action.

Click here to go to Jon Najarian: RIM, Weatherford and Other Longs for 2012


Stephen Weiss

Trader Stephen Weiss did his homework and got long PetroHawk ahead ofBHP's acquistion offer.

“I’d love to say I sensed PetroHawk would be taken out but in the filings the management said they’re were building it to sell,” he admits.


Ron Insana

Early in 2011, Ron Insana grew tired of trading the globe and said it was time to repatriate money from Emerging Markets and put it to work domestically.

As it turns out there’s no place like home. Year to date the S&P is flat to modestly lower while the EEM has slipped 20%.

What does he have to say now?

“I told you so,” he chuckles.

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Trader disclosure: On Dec 29, 2011, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s "Fast Money" were owned by the "Fast Money" traders; Jon Najarian is long (AAPL); Jon Najarian is long (AKS); Jon Najarian is long (RIMM); Jon Najarian is long (ANR); Jon Najarian is long (CNX); Jon Najarian is long (JRCC); Jon Najarian is long (ACI); Jon Najarian is long (PCX); Jon Najarian is long (MOS); Jon Najarian is long (ADBE; Jon Najarian is long (WFT); Jon Najarian is long (PNC); Steve Weiss is long (EUO); Steve Weiss is long (FO); Steve Weiss is long (VZ); Steve Weiss is long (WLP); Steve Weiss is short (FXA; Dan Dicker is long oil futures; Dan Dickeris long (IBM) Stock; Josh Brown is Long (VAL); Josh Brown is Long (HD); Mike Khouw is Long (PHM); Mike Khouw is Short (PHM) Calls

Dennis Gartman
Long: We own an “Asian” short term government bond fund, corn,
the C$, the A$, and gold.
Short: We are short S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Euro Stoxx 50
futures to hedge the positions mentioned above. We are also short the Euro, Pound Sterling, and Yen.

The CIBC Gartman Global Allocation Notes portfolio for
December is as follows:
Long: 10% Canadian Dollars; 10% Australian Dollars; 20% Gold;
10% Corn
Short: 20% Euro; 10% British Pound Sterling; 5% Japanese Yen;
5% S&P 500 Index; 5% Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index; 5% FTSE 100 Index.

For Jim Strugger
Firm makes market in VIX options

Fred Moran
Firm makes market in (AMZN)

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