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1. New England Patriots

Chances are that you were shocked to find a cold weather team at the top of this list. In reality, in order to have the best cheerleading page what you really need is a great mind behind it. What makes this team so good? Let’s start with its website, which contains 16 years of photos and something called "Cheer 365" where fans can vote on which picture they find most attractive.

The team is also successful in marketing its top squad, sending cheerleaders to local charity events, such as the Doug Flutie Bowl, Fitness for a Cure and the Lowell General Hospital, among other events this spring. Not only that, but the cheerleaders recently geared up to shoot their 2012 swimsuit calendar in Aruba, which the team is marketing through “Postcards from Paradise" videos produced from the perspective of the cheerleaders.

The squad also has a “Junior Patriots Cheerleaders” program that hosts clinics for aspiring cheerleaders at Gillette Stadium a game-day performance, and the opportunity to make community appearances with Patriots cheerleaders throughout the year.

Photo: Ben Liebengerg | Getty Images