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CNBC Poll: Would You Invest in A Publicly-Traded Porn Company ?

At the height of the Internet craze in 1999, Playboy stock traded at more than $33 a share.

The Porn Convention - Adult Entertainment Expo 2012
The Porn Convention - Adult Entertainment Expo 2012

It was all down hill from there, culminating in founder Hugh Hefner'smove to take the company private last year. For many investors, owning Playboy was no joy ride, even if the company represented much more than the virtues of capitalism.

Vice has always attractedinvestors, and they have often been rewarded for it. Tobacco companies such as Altria , formerly Philip Morris of Marlboro, L&M and Virginia Slims fame — have been some of the best-performing stocks over decades (as the chart shows). Spirits conglomerates, such as Diaego,have huge market caps and millions of shareholders.

So, if sin sells — and sex sells, as the success of Internet pornography industry and its annual convention more than demonstrate — then does it follow that investing in sin makes sense?

If another Playboy — or something like it — came along, would you buy shares?

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Adult Entertainment Expo 2014

Porn Convention 2013

Porn Convention 2012

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    When the movie industry slapped adult films with an XXX rating, porn companies came to embrace the scarlet letters. But when the nonprofit corporation that oversees Internet addresses rolled out the .xxx domain, the reception was unequivocally unenthusiastic.

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    The L.A. City Council voted to make condom use mandatory in adult films. And adult studios are already planning how to minimize the effects of that law.

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    As the porn industry gathers for its annual convention, there's a lot at stake. Online piracy continues to nip at the earnings of studios, and new legislation could dramatically impact how companies do business.

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