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Westminster’s Most Successful Dog Breeds

Source: Reuters || Photo: Radius Images | Getty Images

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Westminster’s Top Dog Breeds and Their Prices

For more than a hundred years, breeds of all shapes and sizes have vied to be named top dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.This year, 185 breeds and varieties competed for the title Best in Show. Some breeds have grabbed the coveted title more times than others.

Here, we look at the breeds that have won the most Best in Show awards and how much it would cost to purchase a puppy in that group. Since several factors affect the price of a potentially award-winning pup, each breed has a price range. Those factors include pedigree, location of the breeder, age of the puppy and whether it was bred to be a pet or a potential show dog. To purchase an older show dog, especially one that has won awards, expect to dig even deeper into your wallet.

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By Michelle Fox
Updated 15 February 2012

Source: Reuters || Photo: Radius Images | Getty Images