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9. “Dances With Wolves” (1990)

Oscar bump: 25.6%
Box office post-award: $47.1 million
Box office pre-award: $137 million

Total box office gross (inflation adjusted): $317 million
Limited released date: Nov. 9, 1990
Wide release date: Nov. 23, 1990

Orion Picture's “Dances With Wolves” tells the story of a Civil War soldier who chooses to leave his former life to live with an Indian tribe and falls in love with a woman raised by the tribe. The movie was directed by Kevin Costner, who also played the lead.

Compared to many other Oscar-nominated movies, “Dances With Wolves” had an early wide-release date, about three months before the nominations. Despite the early release, the film drew only 57 percent of its box-office sales before nominations. However, after 12 nominations and seven trophies, including for picture and director, it saw a significant boost at the box office – grossing $33 million after its nomination and $47.1 million more after the awards.

Photo: MGM Inc.