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4. “Amadeus” (1984)

Oscar bump: 32.5%
Box office post-award: $16.8 million
Box office pre-award: $34.8 million

Total box office gross (inflation adjusted): $111.7 million
Limited release date: Sept .21, 1984
Wide release date: April 5, 1985

Antonio Salieri, the main character in “Amadeus,” harbored both respect and hatred for composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The film was written from the perspective of Salieri, now confined in an insane asylum, and recounts his plots and schemes to degrade Mozart and limit his influence as a composer. It was distributed by Orion pictures and starred F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce.

“Amadeus” was nominated for 11 Oscars and took home eight, including for best picture, director and actor (Abraham as Salieri). Approximately 50 percent of its box-office receipts came after the nominations and 32 percent after the awards. The movie wasn’t widely released until April 5, several weeks after the Academy Awards.

Photo: Warner Brothers