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10 Large Clean-Tech Funds

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Ten Large Clean Tech Funds

Clean tech has become a major destination for investors, from venture capital firms to ordinary shareholders. The large and diverse sector, which covers everything from energy to transportation to construction, touches all sorts of industries and often blurs with other areas. Clean tech, like green, was once closely associated with the socially responsible investing movement, but its sheer size today has created a wealth of investment vehicles in alternative, as well as concepts such as energy efficiency and storage.

Here’s a look at the largest funds, based on market capitalization. (Data is from Morningstar).

Not surprisingly, many of the select, top holdings include clean-tech industries such as solar, global water resources, fossil fuels alternatives, wind energy, global warming and carbon emissions. The timing couldn’t be better as some analysts forecast $5 retail gasoline by the summer, as crude oil prices remain well over $100 a barrel.

But because clean-tech investing can be volatile, investment strategists generally advise dipping into this space as part of a larger, diversified portfolio plan.

Click ahead to see 10 select, large ETFs with a strong focus on clean-tech holdings. The data are based on one-year trailing returns as of Jan. 31.

By Heesun Wee
Posted 01 March 2012

Photo: Ben and Marcos Welsh | Age Fotostock | Getty Images