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Iconic Brands That Disappeared

Even the most iconic brand can plunge into extinction, and when it does, it can be years before the buying public realizes that it's gone.

"In many of these cases the customer changed but the brand refused to change," said Don Schultz, a professor of integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University.

Many people are still not aware that they can no longer fill it to the rim with Brim, or that the streets are no longer paved with bargains at Circuit City. And don’t even think about saying that Chewels offers sugarless fun, unless you’re looking to solicit confused stares from your pre-teen.

"Some brands have become so much a part of American culture that we almost seem entitled to live with that brand," said Robert Thompson, a professor of media studies at Syracuse University. "People felt a real sense of loss when Twinkies went off the market."

Read ahead to see some iconic brands that have disappeared since their glory days.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Updated June 25, 2014

Bloomberg via Getty Images