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If Apple were a country...

According to numbers from the World Bank,there are only 18 countries that have a GDP above $500 billion, while Apple’s market cap stands at approximately $506 billion. This means that Apple’s total value is greater than the 2010 nominal GDP of countries like Poland ($469.4 billion), Belgium ($469.3 billion), Sweden ($458.9 billion), Saudi Arabia ($434.6 billion). In fact, if you take the GDP of Poland, you could add the GDP of Costa Rica and still have a number lower than Apple’s market cap.

The value of the company is just slightly smaller than the GDP of Switzerland, which stands at $527.9 billion. If Apple’s total market value were ranked among country GDP, it would be the 18th largest in the world.

Source: World Bank  Photo: Sylvain Grandadam | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images