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The Soccer Mom Madam’s Morgan Stanley Connection Revealed

Anna Gristina, woman charged with promoting prostitution, appears in State Supreme Court, New York.
Anna Gristina, woman charged with promoting prostitution, appears in State Supreme Court, New York.

It turns out that the alleged ‘Soccer Mom’ prostitution ring leader really did have a connection to Morgan Stanley.

We’ve learned that the Morgan Stanley employee who was with alleged madam Anna Gristina when she was arrested is a broker working out of the firm’s midtown offices. He’s still employed there and has not been suspended, according to people familiar with the matter.

CNBC has learned his name, which has been reported in several media outlets. But because he is a private citizen and authorities have not alleged any involvement in wrong-doing, we’re not going to publish his name.

Police officials approached Morgan Stanley to attempt to determine what sort of relationship—business or otherwise—the broker had with Gristina. Soon after Morgan Stanley popped up in news reports in connection with the alleged brothel, the firm began an investigation to discover which employee was connected with Gristina, according to a person at Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley is now awaiting word from officials about the results of their investigations before it takes any further action.

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