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Anonymous Source Belittles Goldman Exec

Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs
Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs seems to be starting to fight back against Greg Smith, the employee who penned the acid resignation Op-Ed in The New York Times this morning.

In what sounds like a possible leak from Goldman's PR-team, a "person familiar with the matter" questions Smith's claim to have held an important role at the firm.

DealJournal reports:

Mr. Smith described himself as an executive director and head of Goldman’s U.S. equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

A person familiar with the matter said Mr. Smith’s role is actually vice president, a relatively junior position held by thousands of Goldman employees around the world. And Mr. Smith is the only employee in the derivatives business that he heads, this person said.

Some at the firm think things might get ugly.

"They're going to want to destroy this guy's credibility. Watch for more leaks about him," said one person at the firm.

Another agreed.

"He's pi**ed off the wrong guys. And they're not going to take this lying down," the person said.

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