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Inside Cuba: Photos From Havana

Photo: FSG | age fotostock | Getty Images

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Inside Cuba

For more than 50 years, a U.S. trade embargo has been in place against Cuba. Not only are very few U.S. goods allowed to be exported to the country, there are travel restrictions for American citizens, as well. Because of that, Cuba has remained a bit of a mystery to many.

However, we now have a rare glimpse inside the communist country thanks to a visit by Pope Benedict XVI. The visit, which comes 14 years after Pope John Paul II stepped foot on the island, has given hope for political and economic change to some Cubans. In fact, before landing, the pope told reporters the country needed a new economic model.

CNBC traveled to Cuba to cover the pope’s visit to the Caribbean island, allowing us to see first-hand the effect of the embargo, what life is like for its citizens, and what changes the country has been undergoing.

From classic cars that still prowl the streets, to the business of tourism, we take you inside Cuba for a look at what life is like for its 11 million citizens.

By Justin Solomon, CNBC producer
Posted 26 March 2012

Photo: FSG | age fotostock | Getty Images