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2. Theodore Lerner

Estimated net worth: $2.9 billion
Team: Washington Nationals

After the Montreal Expos went into league ownership in 2002, MLB went through a multi-year process to select a new home for the team, eventually moving them to Washington and renaming them the Nationals. With a final sale price of $450 million, Ted Lerner and Lerner Enterprises gained ownership in July 2006.

The majority of Lerner’s wealth was generated by Lerner Enterprises, the real estate firm he started in 1952. The company is the largest private landowner in the Washington area, with a wide portfolio of commercial, retail, residential and hotel properties, as well as Chelsea Piers in New York. According to data from Wealth-X, Lerner holds approximately $2.2 billion of equity in Lerner Enterprises, a $155 million stake in the Nationals, a $3.5 million home in California and has some $630 million in liquid assets.

Source: Wealth-X || Photo: Rich Pilling | MLB via Getty Images