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  • How to complain about your bank Tuesday, 24 Sep 2013 | 6:00 AM ET

    Got a beef with your bank? Don't sit there steaming. Complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the government's new financial watchdog.

  • Millionaires' secrets for retirement planning Monday, 23 Sep 2013 | 12:44 PM ET

    The average 401(k) account balance is just shy of $59,000. Some secrets of the rich can help when it comes to building your own retirement fund.

  • Financial planning for a government shutdown Monday, 23 Sep 2013 | 7:22 AM ET

    A government shutdown is becoming more likely as Republicans and Democrats spar. Here's how to prepare yourself and your finances.

  • 'Tis the season: Do's and don'ts of layaway Saturday, 21 Sep 2013 | 11:00 AM ET
    Retailers such as Sears are seeing a layaway resurgence for the holidays.

    It's mid-September and the holiday shopping season is officially under way. A number of stores have already rolled out holiday layaway programs.

  • How to rid your portfolio of fossil fuels Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 | 7:00 AM ET

    Environmentally sustainable investing is an urgent topic on many campuses, but individual investors can make their portfolios greener, too.

  • Medical identity theft could cost you your life Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 | 4:24 PM ET

    Imagine being rushed to the hospital with appendicitis, but your medical records show that your appendix has already been removed.

  • The money mind-set of Generation Z Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 | 6:00 AM ET

    College costs and an uncertain jobs markets are shaping the financial attitudes of those born between 1990 and 1999, a survey says.

  • Questions increase along with school-year internships Wednesday, 11 Sep 2013 | 6:00 AM ET

    With all the academic and financial pressures on students, and the questions surrounding internships, does a school-year internship make sense?

  • Money matters: A road map for Alzheimer's patients Friday, 6 Sep 2013 | 1:40 PM ET

    Careful planning for present needs and long-term care is a necessity. Here are a few tips to make the process more manageable.

  • Credit card confusion: How do I earn rewards? Thursday, 5 Sep 2013 | 2:53 PM ET

    Credit cards that offer rewards are more popular than ever. And yet, many people who have these cards don't really know how they work.

  • What financial crisis? Consumers saving less Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013 | 1:11 PM ET
    Customers shop at a T.J. Maxx store in Washington.

    The stock market's recent strength is boosting consumers' savings, and they're responding by saving less, a new study shows.

  • Store brands often beat big names in taste test Thursday, 29 Aug 2013 | 8:12 AM ET
    Ketchup taste test at Consumer Reports.

    A recent marathon taste test by the experts at Consumer Reports found that store-brand foods are serious contenders on the taste front.

  • Phony anti-virus pop-up? There's a refund for that Wednesday, 28 Aug 2013 | 8:17 AM ET

    Consumers stuck with extra charges on their mobile phone bills after clicking on phony anti-virus pop-up ads are eligible for refunds.

  • This teen actress outperformed the S&P 500 Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 2:47 PM ET
    Rachel Fox

    After one of the strongest bull runs in stock market history, more young adults seem to have caught the investing bug. This teen actress actually outperformed the S&P 500!

  • Retiring with more: Don't wing it on your 401(k) Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013 | 12:41 PM ET

    Americans are saving more for retirement, but it's probably still not enough, according to a new analysis released by Fidelity. As of June, the average 401(k) balance was $80,600.

  • Student debt relief businesses draw scrutiny Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013 | 7:00 AM ET

    Almost 7 million Americans are struggling with student loans, but many of the businesses promising to help borrowers may actually be exploiting them, say consumer advocates.

  • High college fees: worth it for the salary boost? Thursday, 15 Aug 2013 | 11:53 AM ET
    Graduates from various institutions toss their hats.

    As the cost of going to university continues to grow – and experts warn student debt in the U.K. could hit a whopping £85,000 ($132,000) per head – new research brings some good news for budding students.

  • Obamacare is coming, and so are the con artists Thursday, 15 Aug 2013 | 7:08 AM ET

    As the debate rages over who benefits from the Affordable Care Act, one thing is becoming clear: The controversial program is a dream for con artists.

  • Work ethic: Most would keep job after lottery win Wednesday, 14 Aug 2013 | 4:01 PM ET
    Lottery winner William L. Seeley shouts as he holds up a sign made as a check Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, in Toms River, N.J.

    Most American workers say they would get up and go to work even if they won the lottery—although they might be driving a better car and going to a different job.

  • These kids today—have to pay up for college Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 5:05 PM ET
    Students walk across campus at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt.

    Most college students today are paying for it themselves. There is one thing, however, that mom and dad are still paying for.

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