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Unusual Retail Experiences

Source/Photo: Bass Pro Shops

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Bass Pro Shops

Attraction: wildlife mounts, aquariums
Location: 58 locations in North America

This outdoor retailer sells things like fishing gear, camping equipment and clothing. However, it also has an added bonus for nature enthusiasts: Wildlife mounts are displayed throughout each store. The museum-quality mounts of animals like bears, moose and deer can be seen in replicas of their natural settings. Visitors are also treated to fish-filled aquariums and in some cases, a separate aquarium with live alligators. The retailer says for many, it’s like a trip to a natural history museum.

“People take vacations to travel to our stores,” said spokesman Larry Whiteley. “They have weddings in them. Yellow school buses bring kids there for educational experiences.”

The wildlife on display depends on the store. Each of the 58 stores in North America is designed to reflect its location. The stores also offer family summer camps, outdoor skills workshops, and fishing and hunting classics.

Source/Photo: Bass Pro Shops