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“Mad Men”

Price: $75,000 in 1948
Location: Los Angeles
Bedrooms: N/A
Bathrooms: N/A
Square footage: N/A

This season on Mad Men, gone is Don and Betty Draper's house in Ossining, the picture of early-1960s suburbanity. Don lives with his new wife in a too-swank-and-enormous-to-be-true (indeed, it's a set) midcentury modern pad in New York City. The once wasp-waisted Betty has a new husband, a new house in Rye, N.Y.

Betty's home is actually a 30-room Romanesque mansion in the Victorian-rich neighborhood of Los Angeles called West Adams. Known as The Stimson House and sometimes The Red Castle, it was built by lumber baron Thomas Douglas Stimson in 1891for $150,000 — the most expensive house in L.A. at the time. The basement's maze of rooms includes a one-time lounge and bar, and remnants of pipes from an organ.

The house's eccentric looks match its colorful history: the house has seen dynamite explosions, dog-poisoning and a fraternity kidnapping. Neighbors finally purchased the place in 1948 and donated it to an order of nuns for use as a convent, which it is to this day.

Home: Creative CommonsBetty Francis: amctv.com