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Better Your Business: Four Smart-Growth Sectors

Better Your Business - A CNBC Special Report
Better Your Business - A CNBC Special Report

The US economy may finally appear convincingly on the mend, but a hearty debate continues about the right ingredients for the future success of American business.

That success is likely a lot more complicated than corporate tax rates, executive compensation, quarterly profits and the minimum wage. Similarly, it is not guaranteed by America's long and storied entrepreneurial traditionand a strong currency.

As our special report "Better Your Business" shows, success in the new, global economyis about new investment, new applications, and new markets — smart growth driven by innovation and excellence.

Competitiveness, asIntelfounder Andy Grove implied in his aptly titled book "Only the Paranoid Survive," is both real and imagined, and is as much a state of mind as it is a matter of un Because of this, we're focusing on four areas: clean tech, energy, digitaland advanced manufacturing.

We're focusing on four areas: advanced manufacturing, clean tech, alternative energy, digital and advanced manufacturing.

You'll discover some of the entrepreneurs, companies and technologies defining these sectors.

You can also tune into our monthly webinars to learn how you can leverage some of these drivers to better your business.

Better Your Business

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