US Airways Offers Option to Buy Priority Airport Access

US Airways joined other major U.S. carriers on Thursday by offering non-elite frequent flyers access to priority travel services for a fee.

US Airways planes
US Airways planes

The "PreferredAccess" option is now available for purchase when customers check in online. The access upgrade offers fast-track check-in, security lanes and boarding, where available.

Elite members of Dividend Miles, US Airways' frequent flyer program, receive the same benefits for free.

"We know that our customers' time is important to them and are happy to offer a service that helps them get on their flight more quickly," says Andrew Nocella, US Airways' senior vice president of marketing and planning in a press release. "PreferredAccess allows customers to experience a more convenient airport experience, be seated on the plane faster and have greater access to overhead bin space, similar to our Preferred members."

Prices for PreferredAccess start at $10 per passenger, per one-way direction of travel. Similar programs at American, Delta and United start at $9 per passenger.

Specifically, customers who purchase the option will receive:

  • Priority Check-in — Dedicated lanes at airport ticket counters for service and checked bags.
  • Priority Security Lane Access — Dedicated airport security checkpoint lanes, where available.
  • Priority Boarding — Zone 1 boarding, after Envoy, first class and Dividend Miles Preferred members, at all airports and dedicated boarding lanes, where available. Currently, US Airways offers PreferredAccess boarding lanes at most gates in 21 cities.

Cities that currently offer separate boarding lanes for elites and customers who purchase PreferredAccess are: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Frankfurt (Germany), Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York (LaGuardia), Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Tampa and Washington, D.C. (Reagan National Airport).

US Airways plans to expand dual-lane boarding to an additional 39 cities by the end of summer.

For more information on PreferredAccess, click here.


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