United Airlines Upgrades Premium Dining Options

Beginning today, passengers flying in premium cabins on international flights with United Airlines will experience upgraded dining options.

United Airlines "BusinessFirst Meal"
Photo by Darren K. Booth
United Airlines "BusinessFirst Meal"

United's new high quality, restaurant-style meals will be available in their first class cabins, dubbed "United Global First" and in business class, "United BusinessFirst."

"The changes come after many months of input from customers and our Congress of Chefs, as well as taste-testing sessions," says Sandra Pineau-Boddison, vice president of food services for United in a press release. "Our goal is to deliver a better and more consistent experience for our customers, while offering greater variety and choice."

The new meals include selections of beef, chicken, fish, vegetarian-style pastas and regional selections on select flights.

United Airlines "BusinessFirst Meal"
Photo by Darren K. Booth for CNBC.com
United Airlines "BusinessFirst Meal"

United Global First passengers will receive a six-course meal of an appetizer, soup, salad with gourmet breads, entree, cheese and fruit, and dessert. BusinessFirst passengers get a similar five-course meal without the soup.

Regional specialties include sushi appetizers and Japanese meals on flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka. Hot noodle selections will be available as mid-flight snacks on flights to and from China.

All premium cabin meals conclude with made-to-order ice cream sundaes, liqueurs, port wine, coffee and tea.

While airline food is often the subject of jokes, my last two meals on United in May (as pictured) were stellar. I'm flying United BusinessFirst internationally again next month and look forward to the upgraded options.


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