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Up-Armored Cars: Under the Hood

Illustration: CNBC.com || Photo courtesy: Texcalibur Armor

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Shocking Door Handles

Cost: $800

One feature that you may expect to see in a James Bond movie are electrically charged door handles, which in real life can help protect passengers from carjackings or other intruders. “If you are at a stop light, you can press that shocking door handle to stop an attack,” Newman said. With a flip of a switch, the handles can be engaged, passing a whopping 160 volts of electricity into a would-be attacker’s hands, temporarily incapacitating the intruder and allowing the target to escape. “Something like this may not make sense in the U.S., but if you’ve been to some of these more dangerous countries, a feature like this brings additional peace of mind with riding in armored vehicles,” Newman said.

Illustration: CNBC.com || Photo courtesy: Texcalibur Armor