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John Anthony Porcaro

Charges: Conspiracy to commit mail, wire fraud and money laundering
Reward: The FBI is offering an unspecified reward for information leading to Porcaro’s arrest.

John Anthony Porcaro is wanted for his involvement in a fraudulent telemarketing scheme that is thought to have defrauded more than 400 individuals of more than $5 million, the FBI said. In 1998, two companies he managed obtained money for investments in foreign currency options, promising as much as 700 percent returns on fluctuations in the FOREX markets, the FBI said. However, according to the FBI, investors rarely received returns on their investments, and the firms' principal employees pocketed the the money they raised. A substantial portion of the funds was transferred to offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, the FBI said.

According to the FBI, Porcaro has an artificial right eye and a scar above his left eye. It said he is believed to be an associate of the Gambino crime family in New York.

See Porcaro’s FBI “Wanted” Poster

Photo courtesy: FBI