Election Has Swing State Governors Seeing Red


Republicans kicked off the first day of their national convention, Monday, amid Tropical Storm Isaac.

Although most of the opening day program was canceled, the weather didn’t prevent CNBC’s Larry Kudlow from broadcasting live from the convention in Tampa.

Larry’s guests included swing state governors Mary Fallin, (R) Oklahoma , Scott Walker, (R) Wisconsin and Bob McDonnell, (R) Virginia as well as former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Following are insights from Larry's guests about what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan must do to land their states squarely in the red column by November 6th.


Gov. Mary Fallin, (R) Oklahoma - Tax Reform

Fallin told Larry that the Romeny-Ryan ticket has to focus on pro-growth tax reform to connect with the unemployed, middle class and everybody else.

“Governor Romney has a great vision for America – he’s going to keep taxes low and focus on the deficit and he’s going to be a job creator. And Paul Ryan has been a great budget hawk.”


Gov. Scott Walker, (R) Wisconsin - Jobs

Walker told Larry that three things matter, jobs, jobs and jobs.

“(Romney) has to show how things will get better most of all with jobs. That’s how I won. That resonates with not only Republicans, but independents and some Democrats."

"When you look at the abundance of the battleground states they’re in the Midwest. There are a good number of swing voters who voted for Barack Obama and now realize that the economy isn’t any better and they made a mistake.”


Gov. Bob McDonnell, (R) Virginia - Economy

McDonnell says voters want to hear how Romney will ignite the economy.

"It’s all about jobs and the economy. We’ve got to get the greatest country on earth back to work. Things like trade and energy…. And we need to cut the corporate income tax. It’s the highest in the world and it’s killing us."


Herman Cain, (R) Fmr. Presidential Candidate – New Tax Code

Cain told Larry that Romney-Ryan needs to change the conversation about taxes.

“They have a great start in terms of across the board tax cuts. But...I don’t think they’ve done enough yet. I’ve met with Governor Romney several times and I’m encouraging him to change the narrative, that is talk about tax code replacement."

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